What is the One In The Hole?

One in the Hole is a proven program that utilizes a unique approach to the ball drop method of fundraising. The One in the Hole not only raises money, but the event can also create significant and lasting ties with several municipal departments of your city/community.


Is One-in-the-Hole right for my non-profit?

One in the Hole not only raises money, but the event can also create significant and lasting ties with several municipal departments in your city/community. Call us and let’s discuss your needs.

What does One-In-The-Hole Furnish?

  • The complete operational website including hosting and domain expenses - See Live Demo
  • E-commerce operation with daily business day deposits
  • Programming of the random numbering system and online entry/output
  • Professionally custom-designed graphics for maximum marketing appeal
  • A complete how-to event manual to guide you through each necessary step
  • Social media exposure to increase market share
  • Annual upgrades to adjust to your donors


How much does the system cost?

Licensing and naming rights are paid for by this schedule:

  • % of Gross Donations –
    15% Year 1,
    13 % Year 2,
    11% Year 3
  • $500 annual license renewal thereafter

What are my startup expenses?

A $1,000 deposit is required with a contract. These funds will be credited to the first year’s % payment.

For the event itself you will need the following:

  • Purchase ping-pong balls (est. $.17 per ball) one-time purchase
  • Build your landing platform with plywood and materials (est. $200 or less one-time purchase)
  • Printing costs for marketing hand-outs and posters
  • “Ball Drop” bag


The Events Manual

The events manual will give you detailed step-by-step guidelines to save you 100's of labor hours and put you on a path to generate sizable donations for your organization.
The manual will help you with the planning, start-up, organization, operation, and accounting of your event. You will have hands-on assistance and guidance to make your fundraising successful. One in the Hole's payment method of utilizing a percentage of donations makes it imperative that we invest in your success to make us successful.

  • Organizational Steps
  • Structure
  • Goals/Budget
  • Fest/Festival
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsors
  • Pricing
  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Numbering
  • Domain
  • Drop Bag
  • Drop Platform
  • Graphics Design
  • Website Layout / Structure
  • Booth Considerations
  • Marketing / Promotion
  • Event Coordination
  • Staffing
  • Drop Preparations
  • Event Staging
  • Clean Up
  • Tent and table
  • Staffing
  • Instruction Sheets
  • Timing of Fire Dept.
  • Staffing and setup instruction
  • PA system - script
  • Drop the Balls
  • "Official" judge to pick winning balls
  • Determine winners
  • Notify winners
  • Setup winners "presentation" & publicity
  • Big splash for donation to Partner of Event
  • Store balls and platform
  • Committee review for next year
  • Thank you to sponsors

One in the Hole is a service marked program owned and operated by David Lovelace.


Check out Sun City Kiwani's One-In-The-Hole event website.

See how the original organization marketed their event and raised over $30,000 in donations in their first year.

Demo of One in the Hole